Thursday, February 14, 2008

Making August 1st happen in February

Say, oh - the 14th.

Some say August 1st is National Girlfriend's Day. I'm saying, how about we ditch Valentine's Day altogether and make it a girly day. Um, let's see... my inbox was full of wonderful I love you and Happy V-day wishes from my girlfriends this morning, lots of I miss you and thinking about yous too. Flowers are fabulous, but they're great coming from girlfriends too. I think us girls can just naturally be a bit more thoughtful, and we all would be happier if we left the guys out of this holiday. No hoping, no expecting - because girls would just make it happen.

Let's go get a pedicure together, go to a spa - endulge on chocolate and sappy movies today. I'm convinced it would be better...

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